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Metal Roofing

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Metal Roofing Services: We Install the Roofs of the Future

Metal roofing is a viable option when it comes to replacing your roof. Metal is used for both commercial and residential property with a flat or steep roofline. The initial cost for a metal roof is much higher than shingles, asphalt, tiles, and wood but the maintenance cost is significantly lower. Having paid once, you can save up lots of money. Nowadays a vast majority of people opt for metal over other materials. And we provide residential and commercial metal roofing services in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.

Key metal roof benefits

Metal can easily beat out traditional materials for roofing, while it’s:

  • Durable

Metal is fire and rot resistant. In comparison with wood, metal roofing isn’t a beloved place by insects. And properly installed, a metal roof will serve for years to come. Metal roofing can withstand high winds, heavy snowfalls, and boiling heat.

  • Easy-to-install

Metal roofing systems are available in multiple-shingle sections or panels. Skilled metal roofing contractors can install the panels quickly. But if your roof is damaged by a storm or a new storm is coming, it may take more than two days to fix up a new metal roof.

  • Noncombustible

The metal roof is fire resistant, but lots depend on the materials used for insulation. Metal roofs protect from the outside fire, but they can’t guard against the fire starting inside the house. Pay special attention to the material used for inner insulation.

  • Long-Lasting

Conventional roofing needs to be replaced 3 times as often as a metal roof. Your metal roofing will serve you for about 50 years. Having installed a metal roof, you fetch away from renovating your roof each 5 years.

  • Money-Saving

Though you should spend more money initially, and then you will benefit from a metal roof. Asphalt or shingles need lots of maintenance works that may cost a pretty penny. Most metal roofing comes with at least a 30-year manufacturer warranty.

  • Energy-Efficient

Properly installed, a metal roof can save up to 25% on utility bills when compared to traditional roofing solutions. With proper insulation, metal roofing offers unmatched comfort in severe winters and boiling summers.

Shingle roofing is a thing of the past

In the recent years, shingles have lost the popularity due to a short service life. The shingles are expected to serve for about 20 years while metal has a 50-year lifespan. With the latest scientific gains, people have a wide choice of materials for any wallet.

Another decisive factor - asphalt and shingle roofing is prone to cracking and spalling. This means that you have to repair small cracks timely to prevent irreparable roof damages. Once there is even a tiny crack, the roof can’t protect from precipitation well enough. And when the roof is damaged, all building starts to decay. In other words, a roof is your home key element and a so-called shed.

Moreover, the installation of shingles is a more tedious process when compared to metal roofing. Each shingle is installed separately and manually. As a result, it takes much longer time to assemble your roof. Another considerable advantage is connected with better insurance plans. This means that if you have a metal roof, you can get a huge discount on insurance. Don’t miss a deal, and order a roof from the leading Dallas metal roofing contractors.

Breaking metal roofing myths

  • Lightning

Lots of people believe that a metal roof increases the chances of lightning striking. Metal conducts the electricity and attracts it, but there were no such cases registered. The other way around, high trees are more likely to attract lightning. Since a metal roof is noncombustible in case lightning strikes your home, a roof will disperse the energy evenly through the structure.

  • Dents

A metal roof can withstand strong hail, winds, and heavy snow without any damages. But if a storm brings a golf ball-sized hail, is there anything that can be left undamaged? Modern metal roofing systems can withstand the wind up to 150 mph coming with a hail storm. Worth mentioning, Aluminum roofing is more prone to denting that a metal one.

  • Noise

If you can’t stand any sounds of a rainstorm or hailstorm, insulate your roof. With proper insulation absorbing sounds, you won’t hear any rain tapping on your roof. So you can control the noise level using the special sound-absorbing materials to minimize the drumming effects.

  • High Energy Consume

With a metal roof, your electricity bills are growing up and up while you need much more energy to cool down your home. Long ago, it was true. The houses with metal roofing required more energy for cooling in a hot, sunny weather. But the technologies have dramatically changed allowing to keep you home cool in summer and warm in winter without breaking the bank.

metal roofing

Ultimate roofing services in Texas

At D-7 Commercial Exteriors, we know how to optimize both your time and money, offering the best metal roofing solutions in Texas. Our experts will gently guide you through myriads of roofing solutions to choose the best one. We have all the necessary equipment to manufacture on-site roof panels to reduce time and waste. D -7 Commercial Exteriors is second to none at metal roofing assembling in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. To add more value and style to your house, we offer a vast selection of colors and design. Call us today for a free roof estimate.

roofing contractors dallas fort worth


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